AI is Leading the New Industrial Revolution

Dan Chung, Fred Alger Management CEO, was interviewed by CNBC to discuss the companies that are currently using artificial intelligence within their own respective industries.

Points discussed in the interview:

  • We are in the midst of a modern revolution with the latest technology
  • Artificial intelligence getting applied across all types of industries increasingly
  • Increased technology is already a key in disrupting the business models of many companies, such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Sears and Toys R Us
  • Artificial intelligence systems are making their way into the healthcare industry and auto industry
  • Companies already utilizing AI technology: Aptiv, Medidata, PTC
  • Voice recognition technology will be one of the key battlefronts in the tech industry
  • Amazon, Google and IBM are in the forefront of AI technology with strengths in different areas
  • China is a future player in AI technology in their own market

To watch the full video, click below:

How AI is driving the new industrial revolution from CNBC.

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