3 Energy Trends That Are IoT Opportunities

Energy is one of the industries that is most transformed by the IoT.

This is because IoT is aligned with three key trends in energy: digitization, decentralization and disruption

.Let’s look at the benefits that each of these areas can bring to the electric grid, and how IoT plays a role.

3 Energy Trends That Are IoT Opportunities

You’ve probably heard the stats about the number of internet-connected devices, which make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Most likely, you’re part of the narrative.

We’re all connected in new ways and through more devices than ever before. Sometimes IoT impacts our daily lives – safety sensors on cars, location information on your kids’ phones.

The benefits of these IoT applications include peace of mind and positive customer experience.

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Another group of IoT applications are industrial, such as automation in manufacturing, supply chain and shipping logistics. Corporations invest in these IoT technologies to recognize the benefits of process efficiency and lower costs.

But what about the electric utility industry? Aren’t they already hyper-connected through the smart grid? What will additional IoT devices enable for utilities?