Nancy Lazar: Don’t Sell the Economy Short

The economic strength the U.S. has seen recently is here to stay, according to Nancy Lazar, the co-founder of research firm Cornerstone Macro.

With the post-2008 economic recovery entering its tenth year, many analysts are expecting a recession within the next couple years. Lazar argues in an interview with Fox Business that recent tax cuts and increased capital spending could buoy the US economy for some time to come.

“There’s been a lack of investment in this country for almost 20 years. That really destroys productivity, that destroys profit margins, that destroys jobs, and so the fact that companies are now reinvesting in this country, you’ve just started to see the positive effects of that,” she said.

Lazar also offered her thoughts on the Fed’s rate hike path, rising trade tensions, and a potential “tax cut 2.0” bill. Watch the full interview below:

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