Right Place, Right Time For This EM ETF

“85% of the world live in developing nations – emerging and frontier markets,” said Carter. “Just as the internet and mobile phones have changed how we consume, in the developing world this is even more powerful as most of the new consumers have never had a computer or internet access before.  In effect they are leapfrogging traditional consumption and are ‘digital natives.’”

The rising middle-income class consumers are using smartphones and broadband mobile connections to access the internet. EMQQ holds over 40 internet and e-commerce companies operating in Emerging and Frontier Markets including China, India, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland and Colombia.

The long-term fundamental story for EMQQ remains compelling.

“The fundamental story of EMQQ is growth – I don’t believe that there has ever been a sector of publicly traded companies that have grown as fast as those in EMQQ – a compound average growth rate >40% for past 7 years,” said Carter.

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