Rex Shares, BKCM Funds Launch Blockchain ETF

“We could not be happier to be working with Brian. This landscape changes daily so we believed it should be an active fund with a portfolio manager that is on the forefront of understanding blockchain technologies,” said Greg King, Founder and CEO of REX Shares . “We also want to give investors insights into the portfolio manager’s blockchain-related thoughts on a weekly basis. To that end We just launched a blog written by Brian weekly called ‘BK’s 2 Cents’”.

Greg King

There are more than 30 industries exploring the use of blockchain, the emerging technology may fundamentally transform the way business is transacted. This disruptive innovation could impact supply chains, healthcare, governments, and financial services companies, among others.

“I spend every day researching and networking in the blockchain and crypto space and it very much is global,” Kelly said. “I want BKC to reflect my team’s research and insights. This is why you see a significant tilt toward small and mid-caps and Asian stocks right now in the portfolio. As a long time hedge fund manager, I am really excited about launching a regulated, daily liquid, ETF to bring this investment theme mainstream.”

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