Retail ETFs Enjoy Breathing Room Ahead of Holiday Season

Traditional retailers, though, may find that their luck is changing. According to a Deloitte LP survey, only 47% of U.S. consumers expect to shop online during this year’s Black Friday, compared to 55% last year. Meanwhile, two-thirds of respondents expect to walk into brick-and-mortar stores. Nevertheless, shoppers expect to spend 52% of their budgets online over the course of the holiday weekend, Bloomberg reports.

“A lot of folks going home for the holiday might go out with their mother, grandmother or friend,” Rod Sides, vice chairman at Deloitte, told Bloomberg. “That does really bode well for brick-and-mortar guys.”

Sides also pointed out that shoppers are increasingly turning to brick-and-mortar stores for smaller items.

“Folks are going to stores for clothing and accessories,” Sides said. “Bigger-ticket items are probably bought online.”

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