The Meidell Tactical Advantage ETF provides exposure similar in risk to a traditionally balanced portfolio, incorporating calculus models to measure both short-and long-term exponential moving averages and the rate of change in an asset class or sector. By following this rules-based investment style, MATH removes “any emotion from its quantitative investment process.”

“MATH’s long-only, tactical strategy identifies asset classes or specific sectors that are positively trending and will dynamically adjust its allocation to be broadly diversified, concentrated, or in cash, as a mechanism to reduce overall portfolio volatility and risk,” according to AdvisorShares. “MATH is used to complement a long-term investment strategy that aims to provide better risk-adjusted returns over multiple market cycles.”

MATH is seen as a fund-of-funds as it holds broad market exposure through other ETFs. The active ETF’s current portfolio is comprised of 28.6% small-caps, 19.1% mid-caps, 10.0% emerging markets, 9.7% regional banking, 9.7% healthcare, 9.6% biotech, 9.7% financials and 3.8% Treasuries.

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