Relentless Reliability: A Key Behavior to Become a Successful Leader

Popular belief may find that turning into a successful CEO requires a comprehensive educational background or extraordinary capacity, although a study conducted by Elena Botelho and Kim Powell, authors of “The CEO Next Door,” proves otherwise.

Botelho and Powell conducted research of character traits in 2,600 leaders and found a key behavior that may assist in transforming an ordinary person into a CEO: relentless reliability.

It was determined that reliability stands as one of the strongest traits in increasing chances of getting hired and excelling in the workplace. In being reliable, leaders create the assumption amongst their coworkers that they will consistently deliver. Although remaining reliable and consistent may seem as an obvious trait in leaders, researchers note that many people who hold executive positions in corporations struggle with this.

“In business, reliable and competent people are cherished… employers and clients are more apt to take risks on them and more apt to give them opportunities,” Botelo and Powell write.

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