Reality Shares Now Blockforce Capital to Transform Blockchain, Crypto Investing

That fund will focus on three key areas: venture investments, exchange arbitrage and bi-directional trading. Blockforce has retained Stonegate Global Fund Services, a leader in global blockchain technology and cryptocurrency fund structuring, for hedge fund formation and administration. Blockforce Capital’s Private Funds arm is designed exclusively for accredited and institutional investors and will open for outside investment in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Lastly, Blockforce Capital is developing Onramp, a cutting-edge platform that will offer investors simplified access to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. It will be the first mobile app to offer one-tap investing in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, the ability to automatically grow investments with purchase round-ups and a wide array of thematic investment baskets for specific blockchain sectors.

A planned enterprise version of Onramp will also allow institutional partners to offer a turnkey cryptocurrency investment option to their existing customers. Onramp is currently in its incubation phase, and set to launch this fall.

“As a blockchain and cryptocurrency leader, creating Blockforce Capital was a natural progression for us,” said Ervin. “Distributed ledger technology has the potential to rival the impact of the internet by affecting everything from massive business transactions to everyday life. Our job is to help investors capitalize on the diverse set of opportunities presented by blockchain and cryptocurrency, and our new positioning as Blockforce Capital enables us to do just that.”

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