Trump Has Been Great for the ETF Industry

Since September 30, 2016, passive funds attracted $686 billion versus just $5.2 billion for net active funds.

Looking at total asset gains for inflows in both ETFs and mutual funds, equity-related strategies have done best, with $2 trillion  in inflows that have bolstered total assets by 21.6%, followed by mixed assets with a 19.6% gain in assets. In contrast, bond funds saw assets rise by 11% to $4.2 trillion.

There are now 2,073 U.S.-listed exchange traded products, which include both exchange traded notes and ETFs, on the market, with close to $3.3 trillion in assets under management. So far this year, 222 new funds have launched while 125 have delisted, and the overall industry has attracted $391.2 billion in net inflows year-to-date. In October alone, U.S.-listed ETFs experienced $52.9 billion in net inflows.

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