“ICO Impact Group helps your company get access to Mandated Capital. Family offices, public and private foundations, endowments, ultra high net worth investors, and institutional investors have mandated capital – a percentage of the corpus (main funds) that has been designated by the asset owner to be invested in socially impactful or sustainable organizations,” according to the firm’s website.

Not The First Unique Crypto

While many investors have at least heard of bitcoin, ethereum and some of the other large digital currencies, the alt-coin space is populated by over 1,500 tokens, leaving plenty of room for some unique and obscure concepts.

Coins such as Dogecoin, PotCoin and TrumpCoin are among the more unique offerings on the market. Akon is not the first singer to try his hand at cryptocurrencies. Kanye West introduced Coinye four years ago, but that coin has since disappeared.

Akon “admitted that his technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is limited, saying, ‘I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out,” reports the Independent.

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