Overlay Shares Launches Two New ETFs, 'OVLH' & 'OVT' | ETF Trends

Liquid Strategies, the parent of Overlay Shares ETFs, announced their suite of ETFs has crossed $300 million in assets under management since it began trading on the NYSE Arca in October 2019. Overlay Shares also announced the launch of two new ETFs to add to their suite of funds.

“We are particularly proud of raising this level of assets during a time when investors are understandably concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic”, Brad Ball, CEO of Overlay Shares and Liquid Strategies.

Concerning the additions to the ETF suite, Overlay Shares has launched two new ETFs: Overlay Shares Short Term Bond ETF (OVT) and Overlay Shares Large Cap Hedged Equity ETF (OVLH). OVT combines the benefits of investing in short-duration bonds with income potential from the option overlay strategy utilized in the existing suite of ETFs.

OVLH combines the benefits of investing in the S&P 500 Index with long-term bear market hedges, sought to be financed through the option overlay strategy, striving to give investors peace of mind to stay fully invested during times of stress.

The Overlay Shares ETF suite features seven sought-after and highly liquid index ETFs.

“Since the initial launch of Overlay Shares, our team has worked to provide solutions to help solve investor problems. With the launch of OVT and OVLH, we’re providing even more tools to allow investors and their clients to adapt to changing market risks and opportunities as we move into a very uncertain 2021,” said Shawn Gibson, CIO for Liquid Strategies and Overlay Shares.

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