Nuveen Rolls Out Socially Responsible Bond ETF

“Our experience managing ESG fixed income investments dates back to 1990. We are pleased to leverage that deep body of knowledge, the talents of our dedicated ESG fixed income analysts and traders and expertise from across our asset management complex to offer a competitive and innovative ESG fixed income solution to investors,” Amy O’Brien, managing director and head of Responsible Investment at TIAA Investments, said in a note.

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Credit quality breakdown include AAA 72.0%, AA 5.2%, A 11.8% and BBB 11.0%.

Industry sector allocations include U.S> Treasury 37.1%, securitized 30.5%, corporate debt 25.4% and government related 7.1%.

NUBD currently shows a yield to worst of 2.35% and an effective duration of 5.77 years.

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