WisdomTree’s 2023 Market Outlook: Balancing Risk and Reward |

As we contend with a challenging fixed-income environment, investors will need to go beyond their comfort zones and consider strategies that seek to better manage ongoing risks. In the upcoming webcast, WisdomTree’s 2023 Market Outlook: Balancing Risk and Reward, Scott Welch, chief investment officer of model portfolios at WisdomTree Asset Management; Kevin Flanagan, head of fixed income strategy at WisdomTree Asset Management; and Jeff Weniger, head of equity strategy at WisdomTree Asset Management, will outline the hurdles that many investors still face and highlight model portfolio strategies that financial advisors can adopt to diversify their portfolios and navigate the challenging market environment.

WisdomTree model portfolios implement an index-centric approach, seeking to add value through both asset allocation and ETF selection relative to composite cap-weighted benchmarks. While the models are strategic in nature, they also reflect tactical tilts based on market conditions. By incorporating ETFs that provide representative exposure and rebalance back to measures of relative value, WisdomTree seeks to increase absolute- and risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional approaches that predominantly use market-cap weighted funds.

WisdomTree model portfolios seek to provide a diversified allocation of stocks and bonds within their respective portfolios using WisdomTree and non-WisdomTree ETFs. Each portfolio’s objective is both capital appreciation and preservation, with an additional focus on risk mitigation.

“WisdomTree’s open architecture, all ETF Model Portfolios allow you to leverage sophisticated expertise and the latest financial technology with maximum flexibility and customization,” according to WisdomTree.

According to WisdomTree, 86% of investors believe advisors using models are bringing more brain power, expertise, and sophistication to their portfolios.

To better serve financial advisors, WisdomTree has also introduced the Model Adoption Center or MAC. The MAC is the result of research with over 6,000 investors that have been interviewed over several years, with over 2,000 in-depth model conversations. Hundreds of advisors proved that third-party models can actually help reinforce value as an advisor.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about investment ideas for 2023 can register for the Thursday, December 1 webcast here.