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In today’s low-yield climate, advisors and investors must go beyond low-yield dividend stocks and Treasuries. That can mean embracing multi-asset funds to boost income.

However, that can be a cookie cutter strategy. The WisdomTree series of Global Multi-Asset Income Model Portfolios is a customized approach to multi-asset income.

These model portfolios are “designed to help maximize income, offer capital appreciation potential and reduce volatility, this strategy typically provides exposure to a diversified allocation of dividend-focused stocks and yield-focused bonds using ETFs with global exposure. The strategy may include both WisdomTree and non-WisdomTree ETFs. These model portfolios were previously known as Income Model Portfolios,” according to the issuer.

Exchange traded funds in the model portfolio are allocated across various income-producing asset classes to optimize portfolio stability, efficient growth, and income, all with a defensive quality bias.

Model Portfolios: A Better Idea for Diversified Income

“Given the scarcity of income from high-quality bonds, investors may understandably cast a wandering eye toward the seeming oasis offered by multi-asset income funds,” according to Morningstar. “These allocation funds combine multiple income-producing asset classes, like dividend-paying stocks, REITs, high-yield bonds, and emerging-markets debt, to generate above-average income.”

Within the Global Multi-Asset series, there seven portfolios for advisors to consider, ranging in risk tolerance from very conservative to very aggressive, ensuring there’s something for a variety of client risk profiles.

The moderate multi-asset model portfolios offered by WisdomTree have a 60% weight to equities, which are comprised of 10 ETFs, many of which are dedicated dividend or income strategies. The remaining 40% is allocated to seven fixed income ETFs addressing various bond asset classes of varying credit qualities and maturities.

“The average multi-asset income fund in the category has yields just over 4%, almost 2 full percentage points more than a straightforward 40/60 portfolio of U.S. stocks and bonds and almost 1.5 percentage point more than the average core and core-plus bond fund,” notes Morningstar. “Multisector bond funds, which have similar allocations as multi-asset income funds with the exception of stocks, comes the closest with an average 12-month yield of 3.75%. The additional income from these multi-asset income funds doesn’t come without additional risk, though.”

By diversifying across assets and credit qualities, WisdomTree’s model portfolios reduces some of the risks associated with single multi-asset funds while still delivering above-average levels of income.

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