Simmons, a 23-year-old equity trader for Rosenblatt Securities, is currently both the youngest and only full-time female employee to hold that position at the New York Stock Exchange.

As a woman, Simmons explains that she encountered great doubt from those around her when wanting to become a floor broker. “To be a floor broker you have to get your badge… I had a month to take the exam. They did not think I was going to pass. So when I did, it shocked everyone. The men on the floor were like, ‘She’s really intelligent,’” Simmons tells CNBC Make It.

Though she is the only female broker on the floor, Simmons explains that her job has been “surreal.” In an interview last month, Simmons tells CNBC, “the culture and the men, it’s a huge community, where they are supporting me, they’re lifting me up, and they really want me to do well within the industry.”

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