McCourt’s Plan to End Digital Servitude | ETF Trends

We all know Big Tech is watching us. Companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon track what you read and watch, where you drive, and what you buy.

Unless you live off the grid or have the special know-how to take extraordinarily complicated steps to protect your data, most of this is out of your control.

Much of the feedback I received after writing about banning/forcing a sale of TikTok went something like, “Well, US companies surveil us, too.” That is correct, and it’s unnerving.

My latest guest on Global Macro Update says the internet doesn’t have to work this way.

Today I’m sharing my conversation with Frank McCourt, Jr., the executive chairman of McCourt Global and former owner of the LA Dodgers. He’s also the founder of Project Liberty and co-author of a new book, Our Biggest Fight.

As I mentioned on Friday, Frank has personally pledged $500 million toward making the internet safer for everyone, particularly children, who are more easily targeted and manipulated.

This starts with reclaiming our digital privacy, or what’s called our “social graph.” He’s calling for an end to digital servitude, where you and I can decide what personal information we share online and with whom. And he shares the next steps for people who want to make that a reality.

You can watch my interview with Frank McCourt by clicking the image above. A full transcript of our conversation is available here.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Ed D’Agostino
Publisher & COO

Originally Published 26 March, 2024