Market Outlook Symposium to Provide Critical Information

The Market Outlook Symposium is coming on December 14. The latest symposium from VettaFi will offer investors a deep and incisive look at how to position for 2024 and beyond. In today’s unusual market environment, this is a critical topic. 

Questions Abound 

Advisors are looking at a complex 2024. U.S. equities seem like they could be overvalued, making many investors wonder if it is time to hedge downside exposure. Interest rates continue to vex investors. Will they rise and weaken long-duration prospects, or will they start coming down and reward investors who have rotated out of short duration? Is inflation truly over, or will the Fed need to take additional actions? 

The Experts Have the Best Answers 

Industry thought leaders and experts will help attendees see which way the wind is blowing. Accordingly, this symposium gives investors access to the tactics and strategies the best minds in the business are cooking up. Find out where the opportunities and challenges of 2024 will manifest.  

The markets have been anything but normal in the past few years, and even the most sure-footed investors will benefit from the meeting of the minds that is the Market Outlook Symposium.  

What’s on the Market Outlook Symposium Agenda 

With so many questions, the symposium will pack a lot of actionable content into its agenda. Bob Huebscher will interview Jeremy Siegel on the economic outlook. There will be a deep dive on U.S. equities. Strategies for navigating this unusual fixed income environment are also on the agenda.

Attendees will also learn about muni bonds, crypto, and thematic investing opportunities. Additionally, international equities, credit and duration risk will get much-needed focus, as will trends in active management and tax-loss harvesting. 

Register for the Market Outlook Symposium here. 

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