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Management Services

Here at ETFtrends we understand the advantages of using ETFs in client portfolios. We research, interview and write about exchange traded funds (ETFs) daily. Our site is an invaluable resource for hundreds of thousands of self directed investors and financial professionals.

For investors who prefer to rely on a trusted firm to make their investment decisions we offer full service money management services in our parent company, Global Trends Investments.

At Global Trends Investments, we invest your money for you so you don’t have to worry. We take advantage of market uptrends using exchange traded funds (ETFs), but we have an exit strategy when the markets head south. We are committed to protecting your money while helping it grow.

By utilizing ETFs, our clients incur lower fees, get great diversification, know what is in their
portfolio at any time and benefit from tax efficiencies.

Our firm has an open-door policy. Sometimes we meet with clients in our Newport Beach, CA, office. Other times we travel across the United States to meet them. We prefer to work face-to-face with our clients to develop investment plans that suit their unique needs.

When that’s not possible, our phone lines are always wide open. In fact, we speak regularly to many of our clients and interact with them on a variety of levels.

When it comes to expenses, rest assured you’ll pay a flat fee for our services based on the size of your portfolio. You will never be hit with unexpected or additional charges.
Our clients walk away from the planning process more educated, confident and at ease about their financial health today and tomorrow.

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