The regulatory hurdle for a Bitcoin ETF continues in 2019 as the SEC is delaying its decision on other cryptocurrency fund offerings. However, Bitwise’s entry further signals to the obstinate SEC that investors are demanding the product–a notion further backed by the latest survey findings.

“The survey shows that interest in crypto investing from financial advisors not only survived but grew during the bear market of 2018,” said Hougan.  “There are clear reasons why: Advisors tell us that they getting inbound questions from clients, that they need ways to connect with a younger generation of clients, and that clients are investing in crypto outside of their advisory relationship anyway.”

Bitwise report 2

While cryptocurrencies have yet to be fully embraced by the public as it battles security and regulatory battles, blockchain, its underlying technology, is beginning to attain more traction as companies, large or small, public and private alike, are beginning to see it as a viable application for a variety of uses in a multitude of sectors. As such, optimism is riding high on blockchain technology becoming more and more prevalent, which could feed into cryptocurrencies moving forward.

“Financial advisors, and particularly ETF-focused financial advisors, are always on the cutting-edge of new developments,” said Tom Lydon, Founder and Editor of ETF Trends. “The survey results suggest that increasingly means having good answers and insights when it comes to crypto. We were excited to see how they are engaging with this evolving market, and to benchmark that engagement via the survey.”

Complete findings from the survey are available here:

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