Logan Capital Launches Large Cap Growth ETF | ETF Trends

Logan Capital, an independent, privately owned Registered Investment Advisor, has launched its first exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Logan Capital Broad Innovative Growth ETF (NYSE Arca: LCLG). The ETF employs a multi-factor ranking algorithm to analyze and select securities.

LCLG seeks companies applying innovative technologies and ideas to common business models to gain a competitive advantage. Logan looks for companies that have increased earnings tied to pricing power, benefit from an economic tailwind, and that are trading in a way that would support a long-term upward move in price.

The fund features investments selected through a three-part analysis: top-down macroeconomic analysis, fundamental company analysis, and technical analysis to confirm security selection — leading to selection and investment in growth companies whose earnings are less affected by economic cycles. LCLG consists of a concentrated portfolio of 45-55 U.S.-traded large-cap growth stocks, each with at least a $5 billion market capitalization at the time of purchase.

“Economic headwinds and uncertainty in the market provide nimble companies who can quickly adapt their business model opportunities to thrive,” said Stephen Lee, founding principal of Logan Capital, in a news release. “As leaders in the large-cap growth sector, we believe our slightly aggressive approach in identifying innovative companies that also have proven track records of delivering profits will continue to drive exceptional earnings and ultimately reward patient investors.”

LCLG will focus on companies that are continuing to invest in and enhance their strategic advantages. The fund implements a true large-growth strategy. Slightly on the aggressive side, the fund pairs well with growth at a reasonable price (GARP) and large-cap value strategies.

“The Logan Capital team has extensive experience within the large-cap growth sector,” added Dana Stewardson, principal at Logan Capital, in the release. “The LCLG ETF will provide investors with the opportunity to capitalize on growing companies in the midst of a technological revolution.”

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