Silver Bells Could Be Ringing for Bullish Traders by Year’s End

With Christmas headed our way, silver bells could be ringing for bullish traders by year’s end, according to certain market experts who track the precious metal. The prospect of less rate hikes could give precious metals like silver more strength in 2020.

“In a report published Wednesday, Philip Newman, director at Metals Focus, in conjunction with the Silver Institute, said that although silver prices are down from September’s three-year highs, the market remains comfortable above the price range seen at the start of the year,” a Kitco news report by Jim Wyckoff stated. “Newman added that heading into year-end his firms expect average silver prices to be 3% higher than last year.”

Silver prices

Positive Silver Effects

Aside from Fed policy, fundamentals in the demand for silver could also positively affect prices.

“[The trade wars’] negative impact on silver demand, has been mitigated by higher silver loadings, especially in the all-important automotive sector,” said Newman. “In addition, silver consumption in the photovoltaics sector has also grown as more countries push ahead with renewable energy projects in 2019.”

“However, uncertainties remain for Q4 and the direction global supply takes will be dictated by the restart of disrupted operations and key mines achieving grade targets,” he added.

With the U.S.-China trade war still a ways from being resolved, that could also feed into silver strength.

“This metal should be easily absorbed by investors as rising macroeconomic uncertainties and fresh monetary easing by major central banks rejuvenated the appeal of safe haven assets from mid-2019 onwards which, looking ahead, should continue to benefit precious metal prices,” he said.

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