The Future of ETFs in a Virtual World at the NYSE ETF Summit 2020

There have been major shifts this year, but the NYSE ETF Summit still has an eye on the important topics to cover. Whether or not working from home has become the norm, it is important to consider how the virtual world will play a continued role for the future of ETFs.

ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon and ETF Trends CIO and Director of Research Dave Nadig both had a role at the summit, going over successful marketing and distribution in the digital world.

In general, for the NYSE ETF Industry Summit 2020 as a whole, anyone looking to watch the other panels will hear from industry leaders on how to grow and develop their ETF business in this new virtual world. Topics included:

  • Strategies for marketing virtually, and best practices for expanding your brand globally
  • Legal and regulatory updates for ETFs as we close out 2020
  • Taking advantage of ICE technology: NYSE Connect, ICE ETF Hub and IDS Tools/Solutions
  • Semi-transparent active ETFs: how they work and experiences post-launch
  • ETF market-making and providing liquidity in a WFH world

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NYSE Summit

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