Kevin O’Leary Talks The Best Areas For Starting Over

Presented with the challenging of losing everything and starting from scratch, O’Shares ETFs Chairman Kevin O’Leary had some advice to share.

“I would find a problem everybody had, and I’d solve it,” O’Leary explains when it comes to moving forward, taking on the difficulty of finding an entirely new way to be successful.

Recalling the past, when the solution to what kind of market people should get into was plastics, O’Leary believes Indian and Asian markets are the current answer. The industries in these regions have seen substantial growth and will continue to do so over the next 20 years.

“You’ll want to be servicing them, even if you’re doing it from a domestic position,” O’Leary continued.

Additionally, another exciting area is healthy foods. As O’Leary explains, people are suddenly more inclined to eat healthy foods. It’s even to the point of people wanting their dogs to eat healthily.

With that in mind, emphasizing healthy foods would be a great place to make money. This has not been the case before, but as O’Leary puts it, “This myopic focus on health is only going to grow from here.”

Enjoy What Kevin O’Leary Had To Say About Starting Over:

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