Kevin O’Leary: Singapore Summit Is Woodstock Event

Kevin O’Leary of O’Shares appeared on CNBC on Monday to discuss markets to invest in including Singapore, Canada and the United States.

“If you take USD like I did and you buy Canadian dollars at 77 cents, that’s your first trigger you got to make the assumption the currency is going to be more buoyant as things get better,” O’Leary said. “That’s your lever number one. Lever number two – the top 60 companies up here are going to have better cash flows starting next week when this new government takes over. I’m not saying the U.S. is better or worse than Canada. I’m just saying I haven’t invested in Canada in years… I’m looking at it now saying that it looks good.”

O’Leary added: “if you run a global mandate, you have got to allocate by GDP.”

“I have exposure all around the world – I just had no exposure to Canada – that changed today,” he said. “What’s happened is as I’ve I have taken some exposure off in Asia and I think that was a mistake. I was a little more nervous about this Singapore thing than I should have been and I think I’m gonna have to put it back on. I think the outcome of this thing is going to be good, it’s gonna start a dialogue and I was too nervous and that was where I found more capital going to small cap domestic U.S. I took it out of Asia and I think I went out too early. You can’t get it right all the time.”