Kevin O'Leary Shares His Money Confessions

“Freedom. That’s what money is.” Kevin O’Leary is no stranger to money. As an investor on “Shark Tank” and the chairman of ETF company O’Shares Investments, O’Leary has become a notable expert in the world of entrepreneurship and personal finance.

The Canadian businessman recently sat down with CNBC to share his money confessions and some of the poor money decisions he’s made during his career.

When asked about his first money memory, O’Leary admitted that he was “born thinking about money,” adding that “money is your friend from the day your born to the day you die.”

Growing up, O’Leary says that his mother taught him about money. “She wanted financial independence. From the age of 5 years old she talked to me about that.”

See below for the full clip:

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