Kevin O'Leary: Microsoft Will Reinvent Itself with Gaming

Microsoft got a vote of confidence from Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary this week, praising the company as it pushes its boundaries into the gaming landscape.

Microsoft obliterated analyst expectations, reporting their fourth quarter earnings on Thursday that showed earnings per share coming in at $1.14 versus $1.08 EPS estimates and sales at $29.22 billion–$900,000 more than expected.

“The gaming side of this company, the ability to move it all on to subscription service and become a ubiquitous platform globally in gaming is a potential that not many people talk about yet the company continues to move in that direction,” said O’Leary. “I think that’s why this stock will actually expand its P/E in the next year. It will start to trade as something different than a dino tech that it used to be.”