Jacob Asset Management Launches Its First ETF

On Wednesday, Jacob Asset Management (JAM) launched its first exchange traded fund, the Jacob Forward ETF. Shares of the ETF will begin trading today on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol JFWD.

The Jacob Forward ETF invests in innovative, forward-thinking companies that the team believes leverage technology to create significant competitive advantages and, ultimately, superior, lasting growth.

“We thrive on discovering exciting, enduring businesses with the potential to introduce innovative solutions to the global economy while delivering solid growth for our investors,” said Ryan Jacob, founder and CEO of Jacob Asset Management. “This ETF joins our three mutual funds and takes advantage of our more than 20 years of experience analyzing companies in rapidly-evolving industries.”

While the ETF can invest in a broad array of sectors, its primary focus is centered on technology and healthcare. It is an actively managed ETF that can be bought and sold through online broker platforms or a personal financial advisor.

Jacob, who has been at the helm of the firm since 1999, is the lead portfolio manager for the ETF. At age 29, he was among the youngest individuals ever to launch a mutual fund – the Jacob Internet Fund. For two decades, he has been at the forefront of technology investing, navigating some of history’s most volatile markets.

“We invest in companies that we believe are dynamic leaders in their industries with enduring franchise value and seek to identify disruptive up and coming leaders in the competitive landscape with ‘game-changing’ ideas. Our goal is to provide these potential opportunities to our shareholders,” added Jacob.

Founded in 1999, Jacob Asset Management offers a full range of actively managed investment solutions to retail and institutional clients. With the goal of providing what is believed to be superior investment vehicles, JAM uses a proprietary, bottom-up investment style to search for and filter through exciting opportunities across an expansive investment universe. Recognized as a leader in technology investing, the firm has broadened its offerings from the Jacob Internet Fund (JAMFX) to include the Jacob Small Cap Fund (JSCGX), the Jacob Discovery Fund (JMCGX), and the Jacob Forward ETF (JFWD).

More information is available at www.jacobforwardetfs.com.