Inviting You Inside the Private Markets: Invest Alongside the World’s Largest Institutions

Did you know that there are 10 times more private companies than publicly traded companies? Or that the value of private U.S. companies has increased nearly 700% over the past 20 years, while the value of public companies has only increased 250%? That’s why the largest and most sophisticated institutions in the world maintain significant allocations to the private markets. But how do you provide these same opportunities to your clients?

In the upcoming webcast, Inviting You Inside the Private Markets: Invest Alongside the World’s Largest Institutions, Neil Menard, President of Distribution, Conversus; Bob Long, CEO, Conversus; and Mark Lamoriello, CEO, Advus Financial Partners, will describe how allocating to the private markets can enhance returns, lower volatility, and achieve diversification outside of the public markets.

Specifically, Conversus, an investment platform designed to expand access to the private markets for high net worth and accredited investors, offers the Conversus StepStone Private Markets (CPRIM).

“Conversus was formed to convert the private markets advantages enjoyed by institutional investors into opportunities for high net worth investors and smaller institutions,” according to to the firm.

CPRIM provides accredited investors diversified, global exposure to the major private market asset classes, including private equity, real assets, infrastructure and real estate, and private debt.

The Conversus StepStone Private Markets portfolio is well-diversified across underlying managers and by sector, strategy, geography, and vintage year.

The strategy is powered by StepStone’s experience, analytical tools, and manager access across private markets. StepStone invests CPRIM’s capital alongside institutional clients and is comprised of a portfolio of about 300 companies, focusing on sectors that Conversus believes to be more durable and resilient, like Information Technology, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

“CPRIM is designed as a core private markets holding providing long-term capital appreciation, regular current income and substantial diversification through a single investment,” adds Conversus.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about private markets can register for the Tuesday, June 15 webcast here.