Investors in General Electric Relieved for Now

General Electric (NYSE: GE) posted robust data that relieved investors, reporting a number of its segments performing well including aviation, health-care, renewables, transportation and corporate units.

However, the firm’s power segment is still reporting falling sales, profits, orders, and margins with orders down 29 percent.

According to Seeking Alpha, “Aviation reported a year-over-year increase of 6.6% from $6.67 billion to $7.11 billion. Oil & Gas’ increase was even larger, with sales expanding 74.5% from $3.09 billion to $5.39 billion, but it should be mentioned that if you removed acquisition-related activity and the impact of foreign currency fluctuations to get organic sales, you would have seen a decrease in revenue of 13.6%.”

This graph was created by Seeking Alpha.