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‘‘Evidence shows that lowering fees by as little as one basis point can be a difference of hundreds of millions of dollars in flows across the entire ETF industry, not just the gold space,’’ James Seyffart, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in a phone interview with Bloomberg News. ‘‘Cost is a big determinant in return over the long run.”

GraniteShares launched in May 2017 to impressive investor interest in its two flagship funds, COMB and the GraniteShares S&P GSCI Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF (COMG) . It subsequently issued the fast-rising BAR in August 2017, and has since launched the GraniteShares Platinum Trust (PLTM) and acquired the GraniteShares HIPS US High Income ETF (HIPS) , a high alternative income-focused fund that invests in pass-through securities.

To go along with BAR, GraniteShares offers the GraniteShares Platinum Trust (NYSEARCA: PLTM), which debuted in early 2018. PLTM charges 0.5% per year, or $50 on a $10,000 investment.

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