BondBloxx Reaches $1B in Assets, Partners With Macquarie Asset Management

BondBloxx Investment Management announced that it has exceeded $1 billion in assets under management. The fixed income specialist reached this milestone one year after listing its first ETFs on the New York Stock Exchange.

In a news release, BondBloxx co-founder Leland Clemons expressed his excitement over the company rapidly surpassing $1 billion in AUM this year, as well as over “the accelerating client interest and adoption of” the ETF issuer’s suite of fixed income funds.

“The investment landscape has experienced a tectonic shift over the last 18 months as investors reallocate significant portions of their portfolios to fixed income,” Clemons added. “With yields at the highest levels in decades and continued economic uncertainty, we expect that shift to continue.”

While less than one quarter of the ETF products available in the U.S. provide fixed income exposure, fixed income ETFs have netted inflows of $52 billion through the end of the first quarter, representing 66% of total ETF flows over that period. Fixed income ETFs had inflows of $189 billion over the last 12 months.

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In addition, BondBloxx announced a strategic partnership with Macquarie Asset Management. The partnership and Macquarie Asset Management’s equity investment in BondBloxx will enable a greater focus on unlocking new bond ETF solutions for all types of investors. Earlier this month, BondBloxx filed a registration statement for the BondBloxx USD High Yield Bond Sector Rotation ETF, which Macquarie Asset Management will sub-advise.

“BondBloxx has an experienced team that has a strong history of building innovative ETF solutions. By creating this partnership, we look forward to enhancing the work BondBloxx is driving to offer fixed income investors more tools and greater sophistication in managing their portfolios,” said Shawn Lytle, global head of public investments, Macquarie Asset Management.

Launched in October of 2021 to provide precision ETF exposure for fixed income investors, BondBloxx offers a range of ETFs spanning U.S. Treasuries, industry- and credit rating-specific high yield bonds, and emerging markets bonds.

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