Pacer ETFs Adds $1B in Four Months to Reach $4B in AUM

Pacer ETFs, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider that offers passive rules-based strategies, announced on Wednesday that the firm surpassed $4 billion in assets under management (AUM) as new products and flagship strategies gain investor attention. The last $1 billion in assets came in only four months.

After a rocky end to 2018, investors are picking themselves up in 2019, but rather than deep-diving into the capital markets headfirst, they’re picking their spots and deploying capital more strategically. This is the case for all asset classes, and one of the challenging aspects advisors face with this more cautious investor is the plethora of options available, especially in the ETF space.

“We are constantly striving to meet our investor’s rapidly changing needs by working to be one step ahead,” says President of Pacer ETFs Distributors, Sean O’Hara. “Our products offer financial advisors and investors access to unique strategies that we feel are a testament to how we find areas of opportunity. We have been on a rapid growth trajectory over the past few years, and we plan to further this momentum by expanding our offerings to meet investor needs.”

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Pacer ETFs continues to break its own records. Since inception in 2015, it took two years to amass the first billion dollars in assets under management; one year to reach the two billion mark; six months for the third billion in assets; and the fourth billion in assets came in only four months.