Mark Cuban’s Idea if He Had to Start a Side Hustle Today

With a number of jobs succumbing to COVID-19, the importance of having side hustles has bubbled to the surface. For sports franchise owner and “Shark Tank” television personality Mark Cuban, artificial intelligence is what he would be looking if he were to begin a side hustle today.

“I would become an expert in scripting for Alexa and Google Home and Cortana and go to any place that sold devices they supported and show them how much more they could do with a few hours of personalization,” Cuban told CNBC Make It.

In particular, Cuban would capitalize on coding voice commands that would allow smart products that utilize artificial intelligence like Alexa, Google Home, or Microsoft’s Cortana to complete tasks. Cuban sees this type of programming skill as one that could pay off handsomely.

“Alexa skills and scripting Alexa skills is really, really easy. But everybody thinks it’s really, really hard. And so that disconnect is a great opportunity,” Cuban previously told Recode’s Peter Kafka in 2019. “I told my kids [and]other kids, learn how to script, and just go get your neighbors and set up all of these Alexa tools and you’ll make $25, $30, $40 an hour.”

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