Invesco’s John Hoffman and Nasdaq’s Sean Wasserman On the Mother of All ETFs | ETF Trends

Panic With Friends podcast host Howard Lindzon hosted Invesco’s John Hoffman and Nasdaq’s Sean Wasserman to discuss ‘the Mother of All ETFs’ QQQ and investing in innovation.

Lindzon is the Managing Partner of Social Leverage and Co-Founder of StockTwits.

“Invesco, a global asset management firm, is the father of the QQQ ETF, which launched with the Nasdaq over 20 years ago,” Lindzon said. “John says the company now manages just north of $1.2 trillion (no big deal). Now, Invesco and Nasdaq are expanding their partnership to launch the Invesco QQQ Innovation Suite. This will offer investor access to the NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Next Gen 100 portfolios.”

In other words, Lindzon said, the QQQ just outdid itself.

“I won’t go into too much detail because Sean and John are the real experts in this space,” he said. “But I will say after listening to this episode, you will feel like an ETF and QQQ expert.”

In this episode, the three have a wide-ranging discussion about all things QQQ, ETFs, Invesco and Nasdaq’s new partnership product, investor relationships, managing & building portfolios, the democratization of investing, network effects, emerging tech companies, the next generation of young investors and more.

Click the image below to play the podcast episode:

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