Apple Releases Fix for Facetime Eavesdropping Bug

Apple released its latest iOS, Version 12.1.4, which will include a number of fixes, particularly one that addresses a bug where a user can eavesdrop on a FaceTime group conversation without actually having to answer the call.

Per 9to5Mac, “this poses a pretty big privacy problem as you can essentially listen in on any iOS user, although it still rings like normal, so you can’t be 100% covert about it. Nevertheless, there is no indication on the recipient’s side that you could hear any of their audio.”

The bug was discovered last week when a 14-year-old became aware of the bug while FaceTiming a group of friends. Apple subsequently acknowledged the bug and issued an apology in response to the malfunction.

“We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” an Apple spokesperson told CNBC.

Apple also addressed the issue by disabling the group calling feature in FaceTime prior to developing a fix.

The issue arose just prior to Apple reporting its fiscal first-quarter earnings. Apple bested analyst expectations in earnings and revenue for its fiscal first quarter, muting earlier warnings by CEO Tim Cook that results would disappoint due to lackluster iPhone sales.