13% of Survey Respondents Would Like to See Amazon Offer Cryptocurrencies

Amazon went from offering strictly books to a multiproduct retail giant and there’s no telling where their expansion takes them next. In a recent survey of 1,000 Amazon customers conducted by Investing.com, the idea of the online retailer offering cryptocurrencies was presented, but only 13 percent of respondents gave it the proverbial thumbs up.

There were no specifics in terms of how Amazon would offer cryptocurrency products, such as its own proprietary currency or wallet to purchase goods. Nonetheless, it appears that a majority of respondents put an Amazon-branded computer at the top of their list13% of Survey Respondents Would Like to See Amazon Offer Cryptocurrencies

Financial Advisor Clients Inquire About Crypto

Despite reaching a high of $20,000 in December 2017 and now falling over 80 percent to $3,500, financial advisors are finding that clients are still asking about cryptocurrencies, according to a new report by Bitwise Asset Management in conjunction with ETF Trends.

Bitwise Asset Management, the leading provider of cryptoasset index and beta funds, and ETF Trends, a leading source in exchange-traded fund news, tips, webcasts and investing ideas, released the findings of the inaugural Bitwise/ETF Trends Survey of Financial Advisor Attitudes Towards Cryptoassets.

Matt Hougan, Global Head of Research for Bitwise Asset Management, said he was surprised by the level of interest in the survey.