Virtual Tech ETF 'ARVR' Plans to Capitalize on $94.4B Industry

“With the increasing proliferation of AR and VR technology, we expect many markets and industries to be disrupted, creating substantial economic opportunity. Those companies that are investing in AR/VR, such as Facebook, HTC and start-ups like Magic Leap, stand to benefit from the wave of change ahead. We expect such technologies to fundamentally change the way society interacts with the digital universe, forever changing fields such as healthcare, engineering, and education.” said Tillery.

ARVR continues its sponsorship by Dallas based Eve Capital. This index change provided a unique opportunity that all involved parties believe will serve in the best interest of WEAR shareholders, including a new name and branding to help highlight what the sponsor believes is the most exciting aspect of wearable technology.

“Whereas AR/VR technology used to be the domain of the gamers and early adopters alone, ordinary consumers and businesses are starting to realize the value that this technology offers. We continue to see more and more use cases from the business world such as employing the technology to improve customer experiences or improve manufacturing productivity. This suggests that the technology has real potential and it’s something investors should pay attention to.” said Tillery.

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