How This Corporate Bond ETF Limits Duration Risk

Some exchange traded funds feature the income benefits of corporate bonds while reducing investors’ exposure to interest rate risk. That group includes the Deutsche X-trackers Investment Grade Bond – Interest Rate Hedged ETF (Cboe: IGIH).

In a rising rate environment, bond investors would usually move down the yield curve to limit the negative effects of rising rates as a lower duration bond fund would have a lower sensitivity to changes in interest rates.

However, while moving down the yield curve provides a greater level of safety, lower duration bond funds come with less appealing yields as well.

IGIH, which turned three years old earlier this year, “seeks to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Investment Grade Bond – Interest Rate Hedged Index, which aims to mitigate exposure of interest rate sensitivity across the yield curve in a rising rate environment,” according to DWS.

Inside IGIH Holdings

IGIH holds 321 investment-grade corporate bonds. At the end of the first quarter, the fund’s underlying index had a modified duration to worst of -0.21 years. Nearly 30% of the issuers represented in the fund are financial services firms while the healthcare and energy sectors combine for 20.61%.

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