How ETF Advisors Manage Expectations in an Extended Bull Market

In a changing market environment, ETF investors and financial advisors will still have concerns, especially as some begin to position for risks in an extended bull market.

“Almost all the markets, today, are up significantly,” Joe Geary, Regional Sales Director for Victory Capital, said at the Charles Schwab Impact Conference. “But they’re still fine-tuning their businesses. They’re still working on enhancing the client experience. We have a enjoyed a good ride, with the U.S. equity bull market run extending nine years, but financial advisors are reviewing their portfolios and businesses to adapt to potential changes ahead.

“A lot of what we see is things that are on their mind: How do we retain our best clients? How do we duplicate our top clients? How do we make more time in the day?… How do we manage expectations?” Geary said.

In an attempt to better gauge financial advisors and their best practices, Victory Capital went around the country and surveyed numerous advisory businesses to try and find out what makes them successful and how they react to tougher market conditions.

Financial advisors who are interested in understanding what is working with other advisory businesses can go to the Victory Capital Management website and get in touch with his or her regional sales director to receive a copy of the Practice Matters booklet.

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