Helima Croft on Disrupting Iran’s Petroleum Exports

Could oil shake up the entire Iranian landscape? Helima Croft of RBC Capital Markets appeared on CNBC on Wednesday to discuss rising oil prices and the Trump Administration’s efforts to disrupt Iran’s petroleum exports.

“One of the goals of these very coercive sanctions (from the Trump Adminstration) is targeting energy but prohibiting Airbus from selling planes to Iran, precious metals sanctions,” Croft said. “Essentially, it’s going to put tremendous pressure on the regime.”

Croft said that Trump is looking for the regime to “completely capitulate in negotiations or for additional regime to come into place.”

“As we look at what’s going on in Iran right now, the rial local currency has lost half of its value, you have protests breaking out all over the country, potentially most important in the Bazaar, as it was essentially the Bazaar protests in ‘79 that did in the Shah.