Gotta Have Faith: A Biblically Responsible Investment Strategy

This type of indexing methodology may be considered as a type of subset of the broader socially responsible investing branch of investments where investors try to  achieve profitable investment goals while still adhering to one’s principles.

“In many ways, this is a return to the early days of SRI when the first such investors were affiliated with Christian endowments and institutions. For example, Kingdom Advisors is a network of financial professionals whose objectives are to invest in accord with their Christian conscience,” according to James Investment Research.

Potential investors don’t have to sacrifice performance to achieve a Christian-values-based investment strategy. At James Investment, they employ a rating system that incorporates relative value, relative strength and profitability when selecting component holdings.

“We believe there is need for BRI based investment options, but also one for products designed to add value. JBRI fits this need by constructing a portfolio comprised of the most attractive stocks meeting Christian principles and criteria. The fund can be used as a core equity holding, an ESG option, or as a Smart Beta holding,” according to James Investment Research.

Financial advisors who are learning more about a Christian-themed investment opportunity can register for the Tuesday, April 3 webcast here.