Sprott: Silver Fundamentals Shine Bright | ETF Trends

The silver market is abuzz in 2021. After climbing more than 47% in 2020, silver continues to play catch up to gold.

Growing investment and industrial demand have driven up silver prices and created supply shortages, especially for investors looking to buy the physical metal.

Silver ETFs Enjoy Record Flows

Sprott Asset Management believes this silver rally will continue given the expansionary monetary and fiscal policies worldwide and silver’s critical role in helping the world embrace the environmentally friendly technologies of the “green revolution.”

In a recent webcast, Sprott discussed:

  • The silver price has risen dramatically but is still inexpensive compared to 2011 highs
  • The macroeconomics of high debt and low-to-zero interest rates support the outlook for silver
  • Silver is key in supporting global “green” efforts to decarbonize and electrify
  • Silver provides critical components for the EV, solar, and 5G industries
  • Demand will continue to outstrip supply; mine supply has been falling since 2016

Click here to watch the webcast on-demand: https://sprott.com/insights/webcast-silver-fundamentals-shine-bright.