“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author: Silver is The Best Investment | ETF Trends

Robert Kiyosaki, author of personal finance best-seller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” views silver as the best investment option next to gold and even leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki believes that the economy is getting heavily doused with stimulus money, thereby decreasing the value of the U.S. dollar. As such, there are three options to hedge against a falling greenback: Bitcoin, gold, and silver — the latter being the asset with the most potential, according to Kiyosaki.

“Bitcoin is booming. Gold is stagnant. Silver is 50% below all-time highs,” Kiyosaki tweeted. “Silver is the best, lowest-risk, high-potential investment. Bitcoin has the greatest upside. With dollar dropping, bitcoin and silver are the best investments.”

In the meantime, the Federal Reserve is eyeing next year as the time to start raising interest rates. This, in turn, should help prop up the U.S. dollar, but the personal investment guru opts for other alternatives.

“The primary reason I invest in bitcoin, gold, & silver is because I do not trust our leaders, the Fed, Treasury, nor the stock market,” Kiyosaki said in another tweet.

Gold Price in US Dollars Chart

An ETF to Bet On Silver

Investors looking to get silver exposure without having to physically hold the metal itself can look to ETFs. One particular fund to consider is the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV).

PSLV primarily invests in physical silver bullion in the London Good Delivery bar form. Sprott Physical Silver Trust was formed on June 30, 2010 and is domiciled in Canada.

“December silver prices hit a three-week high today,” a Kitco News article said. “The silver bears have the slight overall near-term technical advantage. However, prices are now in a fledgling uptrend. Silver bulls’ next upside price objective is closing prices above solid technical resistance at $25.00 an ounce.”

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