“As the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy continues to expand, investors will need tools for accessing specific segments of its markets,” said Jay Jacobs, SVP, Head of Research and Strategy at Global X. “Until recently, investors primarily gained access to China through emerging market funds or single-country funds that paint with a broad brush and often miss or underweight attractive segments of the market. Given China’s size and growth, we’re thrilled to offer investors a comprehensive suite of tools that they can utilize for more specific exposures to China’s complex and dynamic market.”

Prior to today, Global X’s existing China Sector ETFs, which launched over 8 years ago, underwent recent index changes to track MSCI indexes. These funds include:

“We are pleased Global X selected MSCI indexes to bring a full suite of China sector ETFs to the market,” said Chin-Ping Chia, Managing Director and Head of Research for Asia at MSCI. “The MSCI China sector indexes are designed to measure the full opportunity set of the 11 economic sectors in China. As China’s equity market evolves, we anticipate there may be expanded opportunities emerging through these sectors.”

Global X’s suite of China Sector ETFs now totals 11 funds, and the broader family of International Access totals 21 ETFs.

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