Germany ETFs Step Into Spotlight

Recently, Deutsche Asset Management lowered the annual fee on GRMY to 0.09%, making it one of the least expensive Germany ETFs in the U.S. and far less expensive than the rival EWG.

Historical data suggest March is often kind to German stocks. EWG is lower by 4% year-to-date while GRMY is down just 1%.

“While the results of the SPD vote will likely impact EWG’s trajectory, the fund has history on its side — in the short term, at least. Since inception, the shares have averaged a March gain of 1.7%, followed by an April gain of 3.1% — tied with December for its best month of the year — according to Schaeffer’s Quantitative Analyst Chris Prybal. From current levels, another 1.7% gain this month would put EWG around $32.26, and a 3.1% gain from there would put the fund at $33.26. That’s not quite in new-high territory, but would put the ETF back in the black year-to-date,” according to Schaeffer’s.

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