Gas prices are going up.

And there’s no denying that its affecting everyone.

However, some states have it far worse than others.

Check out these prices according to Fox Business:

Here are the top five states with the highest gasoline prices.

  1. California: $3.36 per gallon
  2. Hawaii: $3.65 per gallon
  3. Washington: $3.35 per gallon
  4. Alaska: $3.31 per gallon
  5. Nevada: $3.38 per gallon

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 Here are the states where prices are the lowest.

  1. Mississippi $2.55
  2. Missouri $2.55
  3. Arkansas $2.55
  4. Louisiana $2.56
  5. South Carolina $2.56

Crude oil prices have increased more than 10% over the past month after President Donald Trump signaled it is likely the U.S. will withdraw from a 2015 international agreement with Iran that eased sanctions in return for curbs to the country’s nuclear program, the Wall Street Journal reports.