Fixed-Income Fund Flows Flourished in 2018

2) Ultrashort bond funds: This category saw inflows of $87.3 billion.

3) Muni national intermediate: This category saw a net inflow of $16.6 billion, which was mostly concentrated in actively-managed mutual funds.

4) Intermediate-term bonds: This category gained $20.3 billion in inflows–$7.8 billion of which went to ETFs.

5) Diverging emerging markets: This category saw a total net flow of $23.5 billion, which was mostly concentrated in indexed ETFs.

“Based on high-level flow figures, one could draw the conclusion that opportunity to gather net flows lay within index ETFs and mutual funds in 2018, but peeling back the onion reveals more significant pockets of organic growth opportunity, including within mutual funds,” the report stated.

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