Inside Fixed Income 2019: Learn How to Position Bond Portfolios for 2020

Jason Singer, Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income at Goldman Sachs, is the latest speaker announced to join a panel to discuss factors in fixed income at the 7th annual Inside Fixed Income conference taking place November 12-13 in San Diego, CA. This exclusive event will address many questions regarding the explosion of bond and fixed income ETFs, and so much more.

Thanks to a roster of speakers, Inside Fixed Income will be able to guide attendees through what is sure to be a volatile time in both the equity and fixed income markets.

Singer joins other guest speakers, including John Swolfs, CEO at Inside ETFs, Stephen Taddie, of Stellar Capital Management, Michael Underhill of Capital Innovations, Tim Urbanowicz of Invesco, Jodi Vleck, CEO at Beta Wealth Group, Sonya Dreizler, CEO of Solutions with Sonya, and many others.

Looking at the agenda for the conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the 2019 event is the perfect opportunity for investors to look at how to position their bond portfolios for 2020, considering the potential impact of the presidential election.

What The Event Should Look Like

Additionally, seeing how key themes played out in 2019 meant the editorial team had to rethink and reimagine what a fixed income event should look like, given all the market uncertainty around the election, the strength of the dollar, and the possibility of even more rate cuts by the Fed.

However, there is more to the bond market than the macro outlook. Municipal bonds have rapidly gathered assets, while high-net-worth investors turn to more tax-sensitive investments.

Thanks to work by the team at Inside Fixed Income, both practitioners and industry experts will be on stage to break down the current growing market, and why ETFs are seeing so much success.

The most exciting aspect here may be the return of the famed fixed income ETF university. Due to assets flowing into bond ETFs, investors must understand how these innovative ETFs work, the best practices for trading them and having first-hand insight on how to best use them in their client’s asset allocation.

Join over 250 peers, thought leaders, and ETF experts for two days of high-quality content, unmatched networking opportunities, and leave better prepared to face Information Classification: General the road ahead. Future-proof your business in San Diego, 12-13 November 2019. Learn everything you need at the event website.

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