Investor ingress into the world of Chinese bonds is about to get easier with the introduction of a settlement system that connects mainland China to Hong Kong, meeting a regulatory requirement that could pave the way for more investors.

In addition, meeting the requirement will allow Chinese bonds to be listed on a major global index. Much like its listed stocks, China is hoping to also add its bonds to the Bloomberg-Barclays Aggregate Index.

“We are looking at China in terms of the fixed-income market,” said Uwe Parpart, chief strategist at Capital Link International. “We believe China has de-levered very successfully over the past several months and will continue to do so. This is positive fixed-income, the credit cycle in China is point up so we have a good situation for bond investment in China.”

The access was made possible as a result of a program called Bond Connect, which allows international investors from Hong Kong and other parts to invest directly in bonds issued by China. The  new settlement system is known as real-time delivery-versus-payment, which ensures that payment and delivery occur simultaneously–a major technological breakthrough for investor access to Chinese bonds.

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